Manual Steel Strapping Tools

IMA HT 13/19 Manual Sealless Strapping Tool for Steel Strap

IMA HT 13/19 Manual Sealless Strapping Tool for Steel Strap

Approx. Rs 75,000 / Unit

It is a user friendly strapping tool. It is provided with a rugged construction for heavy duty applications. The tool is packaged with strap guides for 16 mm strap (standard) and also for 13 mm and 19 mm straps. All wearing parts are covered with titanium (TIN). It is equipped with a steel tensioning lever.

Features :

  1. Package type: flat/round surface
  2. Strap quality: steel. (Rmax. 1100 N/mm2)
  3. Strap width: from 13 mm up to 19 mm
  4. Strap thickness: from 0.4 mm up to 0.8 mm (Rmax. 850 N/mm2)
  5. Strap thickness: from 0.4 mm up to 0.63 mm (Rmax. 1100 N/mm2)
  6. Max. tension: 5500N
  7. Joint type: sealless
  8. Weight: around 4.6 Kg

Options :

  1. Steel cutting lever

    SL200 Sealess Steel Strapping Tool

    SL200 Sealess Steel Strapping Tool

    Approx. Rs 48,000 / Unit

    SL200 Sealess Steel Strapping Tool. Strap Gauge range from 0.015" ~ 0.027". One tool works for 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4". Tensioning, sealing and cutting all in one

    C3160/C3166/C3180 Steel Strapping Tool

    C3160/C3166/C3180 Steel Strapping Tool

    Approx. Rs 18,874 / Piece


    Double notched side action steel strapping sealer with aluminum pipe handle. (Handle length 25.5")
    C3160 for steel strapping 3/4" and thickness from 0.025" up. Use with CS061 open seal or CS20/CS21/CS22 closed seal.


    C3180 for steel strapping 1-1/4" x 0.035". Use with CS28 closed seal.

    S259 Sealess Strapping Tool

    S259 Sealess Strapping Tool

    Approx. Rs 28,000 / Unit



    Use with closed seal or wing seal. Ideal for round package.
    S 259: For 3/4" ~ 1-1/4" x 0.035" max. steel strap.
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